30 day creativity challenge

30 Days – 30 Minutes – Creativity Challenge

30 day creativity challenge

Wanna join in the fun?

There is one rule

You must spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days creating something.

It can be anything you like; arranging pebbles on the beach, taking pictures of the floor with your phone, ripping up newspaper and making mountains, forming the bubbles in your bath into clouds, drawing the first thing you see in the morning (actually, occasionally this is rather x rated so I’ll leave this one out), crocheting a hat, making pizzas in the shape of eyes, or doing proper and rather lovely drawings like Diana Powell who is the inspiration for this.

If you need ideas then you can look at my personal list of inspirations which is basically just an alphabetical stream of consciousness, very cathartic to do and ever changing. Or you could just use your brain and think of something yourself.

They don’t have to be consecutive days, there just have to be 30 of them. You can do more than 30 minutes but not less.

You can grab the banner from here, or even better make your own! And please let me know if you do the challenge so I can link to you.

You can also join the open Facebook group to post pictures and links to your blogs – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154085144775381/