Every Record I Own – C is for J J Cale – Troubadour

J.J. Cale ‎– Troubadour

troub This is my second copy of this, the first one was eaten by mice. It’s one I remember from when I was around 10 as it was played to a happy death at my folks.
I never knew what J J Cale looked like until I googled him for a live YouTube to put in this post – I was expecting someone rather greyer to have that amazing voice. He most certainly looked like a dude and a half. Apart from Cocaine which I’ve just heard so much I never need to hear it again, the album is stonking.
Vinyl, LP, Album

  • A1 Hey Baby
  • A2 Travelin’ Light
  • A3 You Got Something
  • A4 Ride Me High
  • A5 Hold On
  • A6 Cocaine
  • B1 I’m A Gypsy Man
  • B2 The Woman That Got Away
  • B3 Super Blue
  • B4 Let Me Do It To You
  • B5 Cherry
  • B6 You Got Me On So Bad

Every Record I Own – C is for Cocteau Twins – Head over Heels

Cocteau Twins ‎– Head Over Heels

cock Lovely voice but I have no idea what the fuck she is singing about.
I had a badly taped copy of this when I was around 16 so the lyrics I know I would have made up from what I heard then. Mine are probably worse than the originals; they include ‘he’s hopeless in bed’ (In the Gold Dust Rush)
I didn’t listen to this for about 20 years so I’ve recently rediscovered it and it plays well decades later. It’s got an 80’s twang to it but you can’t hear the shoulder pads through the recording.

4AD ‎– CAD 313
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 When Mama Was Moth 3:06
  • A2 Five Ten Fiftyfold 5:01
  • A3 Sugar Hiccup 3:41
  • A4 In Our Angelhood 3:00
  • A5 Glass Candle Grenades 2:45
  • B1 In The Gold Dust Rush 3:40
  • B2 The Tinderbox (Of A Heart) 4:57
  • B3 Multifoiled 2:37
  • B4 My Love Paramour 3:40
  • B5 Musette And Drums 4:38

Every Record I Own – C is for Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity ‎– Animosity

corrosion I like the later C of C stuff – Albatross in particular so it was a bit of a surprise to find out their more thrashy roots, I’m more of a doom girl myself. My copy is bright yellow and there are only another 999 in existence.

This just pisses me off after the third track because its all a bit samey with some chugga chugga wah wah guitar and some screaming lyrics. What are you shouting about? Shut the fuck up. I much prefer the slower, ploddy stuff even though it’s pretty tuneless, 3 chord stuff. I think I might get rid of this, I can’t imagine a time I’d need to hear it again.

Back On Black ‎– BOBV151LP
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Yellow Translucent
  • A1 Loss For Words
  • A2 Mad World
  • A3 Consumed
  • A4 Holier
  • A5 Positive Outlook
  • B1 Prayer
  • B2 Intervention
  • B3 Kiss Of Death
  • B4 Hungry Child
  • B5 Animosity

Every Record I Own – C is for Crosby Stills and Nash

Crosby, Stills & Nash ‎– Crosby, Stills & Nash

crosby I didn’t even know this was a gatefold til I looked it up on Discogs – someone had taped the sides together.
I’ve always shunned CS&N for the lack of Young so this doesn’t get played much. It’s like a weight lifting off my shoulders when I do, it’s exactly what I expect and need from them; sweet harmony and plenty of jangly guitars.
Atlantic ‎– 588189
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold

  • A1 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 7:22
  • A2 Marrakesh Express 2:36
  • A3 Guinnevere 4:43
  • A4 You Don’t Have To Cry 2:43
  • A5 Pre-Road Downs 2:59
  • B1 Wooden Ships 5:22
  • B2 Lady Of The Island 2:36
  • B3 Helplessly Hoping 2:37
  • B4 Long Time Gone 4:17
  • B5 49 Bye-Byes 5:15

Every Record I Own – B is for Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Black Sabbath ‎– Paranoid

paranoid Charity shop bargain with a tiny scratch that makes no difference to play. Bought in 2013. It’s got the original of War Pigs on it but I always expect to hear the slight differences on the Faith No More version.


Castle Music ‎– NEL 6003
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal

  1. A1 War Pigs 8:49
  2. A2 Paranoid 2:45
  3. A3 Planet Caravan 4:26
  4. A4 Iron Man 5:47
  5. B1 Electric Funeral 4:46
  6. B2 Hand Of Doom 7:06
  7. B3 Rat Salad 2:27
  8. B4 Fairies Wear Boots 6:07

Every Record I Own – B is for The Beat – I Just Can’t Stop It

Beat, The (2) ‎– I Just Can’t Stop It

beat The Beat still gig and I bet they are still good, they are one of the few bands who I’d go and see 30 years after they made it.

In the 80’s they never pretended to be anything they were not, they just played great music and seemed to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

Even though the content is sheer 80’s – ‘Stand down Margaret’ isn’t relevant any more, the music is timeless.

Go-Feet Records ‎– BEAT 1, Go-Feet Records ‎– BEAT 001
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Mirror In The Bathroom
  • A2 Hands Off…She’s Mine
  • A3 Two Swords
  • A4 Twist And Crawl
  • A5 Rough Rider
  • A6 Click Click
  • B1 Big Shot
  • B2 Whine & Grine / Stand Down Margaret
  • B3 Noise In This World
  • B4 Can’t Get Used To Losing You
  • B5 Best Friend
  • B6 Jackpot

Every Record I Own – B is for Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath ‎– Black Sabbath

Iinside stalked this record for ages on Ebay until eventually my friend Alex found this one for me, it’s not Vertigo swirl but it’s one of the early issues and its in great condition. I do love Vertigo swirls though.
I’ve never opened the gatefold before so I’ve just noticed it’s got a nice little upside down cross on one side of it, tasteful! It’s a faultless album, love it to bits.

Vertigo ‎– 847 903 VTY, Vertigo ‎– VO 6
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
  • A1 Black Sabbath
  • A2 The Wizard
  • A3 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  • A4 N.I.B.
  • B1 Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me
  • B2 Sleeping Village
  • B3 Warning

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Tonight

David Bowie ‎– Tonight

tonight I’ve never heard this all the way through, it was given to me by my sister in a big bundle and it got lost on the shelf.
Loving the Alien was around at about the time I gave up on new Bowie stuff and the album doesn’t really do it for me.
I would have been 17 when this came out, and busy breaking into empty power stations and trying to produce a big enough portfolio to get back into art college – they head of department changed to someone who really didn’t like me, fair enough. He replaced the gorgeous Alex Mackenzie who did like me and actually gave me a place there a year early because I told him school wouldn’t have me back.
EMI America ‎– DB 1, EMI America ‎– EL 2402271, EMI America ‎– EL 24 0227 1
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Loving The Alien 7:07
  • A2 Don’t Look Down 4:08
  • A3 God Only Knows 3:04
  • A4 Tonight 3:42
  • B1 Neighborhood Threat 3:10
  • B2 Blue Jean 3:09
  • B3 Tumble And Twirl 4:56
  • B4 I Keep Forgettin’ 2:32
  • B5 Dancing With The Big Boys 3:32

Every Record I Own – B is for The Bonzo Dog Band – Urban Spaceman

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band ‎– I’m The Urban Spaceman

spaceman “Igor, have you watered the brains tonight?” A £1.50 charity shop find this compilation has loads of the better known Bonzo Dogs on it.
Sunset Records ‎– SLS 50350
Vinyl, Compilation, LP

  • A1 Hunting Tigers Out In India
  • A2 Shirt
  • A3 Tubas In The Moonlight
  • A4 Dr. Jazz
  • A5 Monster Mash
  • A6 I’m The Urban Spaceman
  • B1 Ali – Baba’s Camel
  • B2 Laughing Blues
  • B3 By A Waterfall
  • B4 Mr. Apollo
  • B5 Canyons Of Your Mind

Every Record I Own – B is for Bon Jovi – Slippery

Bon Jovi ‎– Slippery When Wet

bon OK, we all know I’m a terrible excuse for a human being, I outed that little secret when I admitted to owning an ABBA album. This one is to play when pissed and silly.
It reminds me of a cover band in Plymouth that would do Bon Jovi with a local accent “Shot to the heart and your to blem, you give love a bad nem”
Vertigo ‎– VERHC 38
Cassette, Album
  • A1 Let It Rock
  • A2 You Give Love A Bad Name
  • A3 Livin’ On A Prayer
  • A4 Social Disease
  • A5 Wanted Dead Or Alive
  • B1 Raise Your Hands
  • B2 Without Love
  • B3 I’d Die For You
  • B4 Never Say Goodbye
  • B5 Wild In The Streets