Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Diamond Dogs

Bowie* ‎– Diamond Dogs

SONY DSC Totally stolen from my parents when I was around 14, a perfect age for reading Orwell and worrying about a post nuclear dystopian future and the perfect soundtrack for that angst.

This album has never left my playlist. I know the lyrics better than I know myself.


RCA Victor ‎– APL1-0576
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
  • A1 Future Legend 1:00
  • A2 Diamond Dogs 5:50
  • A3 Sweet Thing 3:29
  • A4 Candidate 2:39
  • A5 Sweet Thing (Reprise) 2:32
  • A6 Rebel Rebel 4:21
  • B1 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me 3:54
  • B2 We Are The Dead 4:48
  • B3 1984 3:24
  • B4 Big Brother 3:25
  • B5 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family 1:48

Every Record I Own – B is for Boards of Canada – Beautiful Place..

Boards Of Canada ‎– In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

aside Bought from a tiny little record shop in Bristol that is now a pub full of people who look like they got stuck in the 80’s. I got it when I had my last proper job, in a hideous office where you got to smell peoples farts recycled in the air conditioning. I lasted a couple of years there and made life more bearable by drinking my bodyweight in cocktails at the weekend and making people grow sunflowers for a competition.
I was expecting a brighter blue vinyl so this strange baby sky blue threw me a little. It’s more lovely ambient driftyness. I put this on the turntable and it makes me go ‘ahh’. It’s instant relaxation and bliss.

Warp Records ‎– wap144, music70 ‎– wap144
Vinyl, 12″, EP, 45 RPM, Sky Blue
  • A1 Kid For Today
  • A2 Amo Bishop Roden
  • B3 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  • B4 Zoetrope

Every Record I Own – B is for The Bonzo Dog Band – Gorilla

Bonzo Dog Band* ‎– Gorilla

I remember this clearly from when I was pretty small though this album is not stolen from my parents. I found it in a charity shop.
It’s got many gems, Jollity Farm and Mickeys Son and Daughter seemed just for me when I was a few years old.
It links in my memory with a small gorilla with a big hole for it’s bum. It wasn’t my toy, I think it suffered a few anal tortures at the hands of my uncle who named it Jackson after someone his girlfriend had run off with. Voodoo gorilla.

I know most of the words, think they are ingrained in my DNA.
Sunset Records ‎– SLS 50160
Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Album
  • A1 Cool Brittannia
  • A2 The Equestrian Statue
  • A3 Jollity Farm
  • A4 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  • A5 Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming
  • A6 Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold
  • A7 Death Cab For Cutie
  • A8 Narcissus
  • B1 The Intro And The Outro
  • B2 Mickey’s Son And Daughter
  • B3 Big Shot
  • B4 Music For The Head Ballet
  • B5 Piggy Bank Love
  • B6 I’m Bored
  • B7 The Sound Of Music

Every Record I Own – B is for Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

Kate Bush ‎– The Kick Inside

katepic I’ve got the limited edition picture disc, I don’t remember it like this when I first bought it and it was probably the first album I bought so I possibly bought this again later, after ditching it. Though I don’t know why I’d get rid of it ever. Maybe it went when my crimpers did.

It’s a great album, I don’t care what anyone says. I still don’t like her voice, she’s squeaky and too girly but the actual songs are great. She wrote the The Man With The Child In His Eyes when she was 13, not  much older than I was when I bought the record. The handwritten lyrics were for sale a while ago, written in pink with circles over the I’s. Says it all really. It still makes the hair on the back of my neck raise, it’s still a great love song. It’s what I want in a man when I’m feeling soppy and not my normal nasty, self sufficient me. I can do without her dancing, it’s not necessary, unless it’s full body sign language for the deaf?

EMI ‎– EMCP 3223
Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc, Limited Edition
  • A1 Moving
  • A2 The Saxophone Song
  • A3 Strange Phenomena
  • A4 Kite
  • A5 The Man With The Child In His Eyes
  • A6 Wuthering Heights
  • B1 James And The Cold Gun
  • B2 Feel It
  • B3 Oh To Be In Love
  • B4 L’Amour Looks Something Like You
  • B5 Them Heavy People
  • B6 Room For The Life
  • B7 The Kick Inside

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Station to Station

David Bowie ‎– Station To Station

station I know the live Stage version of Station to Station so much better than the album version that this is just pale and limp in comparison. The live version is a big wall of sound attacking until you submit. There are scratches on the first track of my copy of Station to Station which don’t help either.
Once you get to Golden Years I’m on home ground, territory that sounds right, but it’s not my favorite Bowie. It’s all a bit lift music, background and nothing else.
RCA Victor ‎– APL1 1327, RCA Victor ‎– APL1-1327, RCA Victor ‎– APLI-1327
Vinyl, LP, Album, 1st Pressing
  • A1 Station To Station 10:08
  • A2 Golden Years 4:03
  • A3 Word On A Wing 6:00
  • B1 Tvc 15 5:29
  • B2 Stay 6:08
  • B3 Wild Is The Wind 5:58

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Hunky Dory

David Bowie ‎– Hunky Dory

hunky I don’t have a cover for this because I found it for 20p in a pile of charity shop records. It’s only the re-issue but its a great album.

It makes me feel happy when I am sad and reminds me that I can stay happy when I’m happy. Issued originally in 1971 I probably heard this at my parents first but I don’t remember.

Favorite track……….don’t you know you’re driving your mamas and papas insane……

RCA International ‎– INTS 5064, RCA International ‎– NL 13844, Mainman ‎– INTS 5064
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
  • A1 Changes
  • A2 Oh! You Pretty Things
  • A3 Eight Line Poem
  • A4 Life On Mars?
  • A5 Kooks
  • A6 Quicksand
  • B1 Fill Your Heart
  • B2 Andy Warhol
  • B3 Song For Bob Dylan
  • B4 Queen Bitch
  • B5 The Bewlay Brothers

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Scary Monsters

David Bowie ‎– Scary Monsters

scary Last birthday my sister got me a whole batch of records, including loads of Bowie. I didn’t have this and wouldn’t have thought to bought it.  I remember Ashes to Ashes and Fashion from when I was a young teenager and though I’d self consciously dance to them they weren’t really my thing. Too Steve Strange, too St Martins.
The front cover looks like an art college fashion drawing, with textures torn out mood sheet style.
Re-listening to the tracks I know from Scary Monsters I’m realising I like the industrial noises, the scratchy, grinding metallic sounds. I don’t like the more poppy, bland tracks like Teenage Wildlife. Most of side B isn’t my thing at all.

RCA ‎– BOW LP 2, RCA ‎– PL 13647
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 It’s No Game (No. 1) 4:17
  • A2 Up The Hill Backwards 3:13
  • A3 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 5:10
  • A4 Ashes To Ashes 4:24
  • A5 Fashion 4:48
  • B1 Teenage Wildlife 6:55
  • B2 Scream Like A Baby 3:35
  • B3 Kingdom Come 3:42
  • B4 Because You’re Young 4:51
  • B5 It’s No Game (No. 2) 4:20

Every Record I Own – B is for Black Sabbath – Greatest Hits

Black Sabbath ‎– Greatest Hits

sabgreat I didn’t appreciate Black Sabbath the first time round, I was too busy learning how to be a punk and by the time I noticed them they had lost the first flush of greatness and were just another metal band.

Looking at the earliest recordings of Ozzy you can see a real showman, someone who commanded awe with power and flexibility in his vocals. Now he’s just another drink and drugs casualty, nice guy probably but not really all there.



NEMS ‎– NEL 6009
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
  • A1 Paranoid
  • A2 N.I.B.
  • A3 Changes
  • A4 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • A5 Iron Man
  • B1 Black Sabbath
  • B2 War Pigs
  • B3 Laguna Sunrise
  • B4 Tomorrow’s Dream
  • B5 Sweet Leaf

Every Record I Own – B is for Blondie

Blondie ‎– The Best Of Blondie

I really should have Parallel Lines but I don’t I have this, which has Rip Her to Shreds on. Sick up!

Chrysalis ‎– CDL TV1
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
  • A1 Heart Of Glass 4:33
  • A2 Denis 2:18
  • A3 The Tide Is High 4:41
  • A4 In The Flesh 2:29
  • A5 Sunday Girl 3:03
  • A6 Dreaming 3:06
  • A7 Hanging On The Telephone 2:21
  • B1 Rapture 5:36
  • B2 Picture This 2:55
  • B3 Union City Blue 3:21
  • B4 (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear 2:42
  • B5 Call Me (Theme From American Gigolo) 3:31
  • B6 Atomic 4:39
  • B7 Rip Her To Shreds

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Ziggy

David Bowie ‎– The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

ziggy My copy of Ziggy has lost the inner sleeve with the lyrics, I have the 80’s re issue too and that doesn’t have them either. That’s ok though because I know all the words so fuck you lost lyrics.
Moonage Daydream reminds me of living in a tiny flat on the Isle of Dogs with hostile neighbours who threw spanners to their kids from the 4th floor ‘Ma, throw me a fackin spanner’. We were on the ground floor and had to watch out for fag ends and all sorts being thrown off the top balcony. Moonage Daydream has some of my favorite lyrics of all time;  “you’re squawking like a pink monkey bird, now I’m busting up my brains for the words” genius.

RCA Victor ‎– SF 8287, RCA Victor ‎– LSP 4702
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Five Years 4:42
  • A2 Soul Love 3:34
  • A3 Moonage Daydream 4:40
  • A4 Starman 4:10
  • A5 It Ain’t Easy 2:58
  • B1 Lady Stardust 3:22
  • B2 Star 2:47
  • B3 Hang On To Yourself 2:40
  • B4 Ziggy Stardust 3:13
  • B5 Suffragette City 3:25
  • B6 Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide 2:58