Plane Tree Collage

30 days of creativity – Day 1 – Plane Trees Collage

Inspired by the very talented and therefore somewhat hated by me Diana Powell, who is blogging a drawing every day for 30 days I’ve decided to get off my fat and lazy, binging on 30 Rock box sets arse and do something creative every day for 30 days.

I’m not a sticker, I’ll hate this by tomorrow but I thought it best to start today rather than wait.

So, here is day 1, it’s a collage of plane tree bark made from music manuscript, braille paper, wrapping paper and sugar paper. There is also bit of a book about the grand masters I liberated from a skip with the idea of printing on it. Plane trees are the ones with the camouflage trunks, and the ones with the pom pom seed heads. I’m using my Moleskine sketch book which is just under A6 size for the 30 day challenge.

plane tree collage

This is the image Photoshopped with just a filter – Stylize/Find Edges

Plane Tree Collage

Being me, I see loads of cocks in it.