30 days of creativity – Day 11 – Vase on the right side of the brain

30 day creativity challenge

Day  11; I blame Diana Powell for this idea.

Diana’s idea is to do an exercise from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain every Sunday. The first exercise is also on the website for the book and you can see it here – http://drawright.com/vaceface.htm There is also an online version of the exercise but I couldn’t get it to work. Not that I could get the real life version to work that well either.

I experienced real conflict with this seemingly easy challenge. All you have to do is draw a face on one side of a bit of paper, draw horizontal lines top and bottom, draw over the existing lines naming them, forehead, nose etc. then mirror what you see on the other side.

I had a few goes, my first is the biggest. I didn’t use an eraser ‘cos I felt that would be cheating. It really hurt my head.


You can see the reason this started and the rest of the days here – http://www.ragbaby.co.uk/1120-2/

And if you want to join in we have a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154085144775381/
Over on Crackbook a bunch of us are going to be working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence

The first exercises are to draw a self portrait, your hand and something else I can’t remember so you can see improvement. Then you move onto drawing a vase from a silhouette. You can see the vase exercise here – http://drawright.com/vaceface.htm.

The plan is to do an exercise every Sunday from the book.