30 days of creativity – Day 24 – Crafty Creatives Box

30 day creativity challenge

Day  24, a box of goodies.

Disclosure  – I’m reviewing this because I like it, I wasn’t given a free box to review, this is totally unbiased.

A while ago, as a treat to myself for being dumped out of the blue by a dickhead going through a mid life crisis I signed up for a monthly box from Crafty Creatives.

For just under £13 delivered you get a box of goodies and instructions to make things once a month, each with a different theme. Past themes have included Steampunk and Glamour but this months theme is Western.

Opening the box is exciting as the contents are concealed behind rather lovely paper. Inside the box are kits with full instructions to make a dream catcher and a rope basket, a card with a rather lovely drawing of an Indian headdress on one side and a list of what’s in the box on the other.

It’s all carefully thought out and put together, it looks enticing and I have a 10 year old son who can’t wait to dive in and make something.

To be honest my heart sank when I saw the dreamcatcher kit, it’s not my kind of thing, but I’ve never made one before, and it is my son’s kind of thing, so that is all good. The instructions were clear and it was pretty easy to do. We worked on it together and he still has to finish it off.


The other set of detailed instructions was for the rope basket. This required a bit of muscle so he started it and I finished it off. It’s become a basket to put rings into so it has a good use in our house.


We had a go bleaching the denim bits that came in the kit, my son was impressed that they might have been worn by a real cowboy. I am really not sure what we are going to do with these.


The rest of the kit has turquoise beads, a tiny stone bear, star studs, a bit of fleece with a native American pattern on it, metal feather charms, suedette trim, some tapestry thread and some lovely craft paper. My only criticism is that there are not more ideas for things to do. I have a rule that everything I make has to have a use or a purpose, being pretty just isn’t enough.

Crafty Creatives link to their Pinterest for denim ideas but I could really do with a nice chunky blog with clear tutorials we could dip into.

On the whole, what I love about this is that it is painless,  it’s all there for for you, no need to research, no need to think, just use your hands to make something.

For the money, this has so far given us around 3 hours of crafting, we have both learned something, it’s been great to do it together and there is plenty more to do. I think if you went out and bought the bits it would probably cost you more.  I am looking forward to the next box, and if anyone has any ideas for things we can make (that are actually useful) with the rest of the kit I’d appreciate it.




You can see the reason this started and the rest of the days here – http://www.ragbaby.co.uk/1120-2/

And if you want to join in we have a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154085144775381/
Over on Crackbook a bunch of us are going to be working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence

The first exercises are to draw a self portrait, your hand and something else I can’t remember so you can see improvement. Then you move onto drawing a vase from a silhouette. You can see the vase exercise here – http://drawright.com/vaceface.htm.

The plan is to do an exercise every Sunday from the book.