crap day, crap drawing

30 days of creativity – Day 3 – Cats and Bugs

30 day creativity challenge

Day 3, I am not in the mood to do anything at all really.

It’s been a weird one where I had to cut the deformed bits of wings off one of my newly hatched beetles. I’ve never done it before, it’s a big beetle and he has lots of legs that kept getting in the way. Anyway, he is eating banana like there is no tomorrow so maybe he knows something I don’t. He may or may not live. All these ones are called Mr Newton, they are Eudicella schultzeorum pseudowoermani.


I tried to draw some beetles but they kept moving, then I tried to draw the cat but he has bits of him so black there is nothing to draw.

He is a black hole covered in fur with sharp bits and a stinky end. He is Scumspawn, and he is obsessed with bread. The other cat kills mice and birds, he kills crusts and baguettes. If you leave the bread bin open there will be no bread. He tries to climb into the oven whilst it is toasting toast. He can eat half a packet of crumpets and then it’s only the packaging that is stopping him from finishing them off. And bread makes him fart.

crap day, crap drawing

Anyway, it’s a crap drawing on a crap day, but at least I did something.

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