Day 4 apple tree

30 days of creativity – Day 4 – Apple Tree Details

30 day creativity challenge

Day¬† 4. Today I am mostly stressing about going to look at a house and I’m finding it difficult to focus on anything.

This didn’t take me half an hour because I noticed that the garden needed watering urgently or everything was going to die. This may not matter to the next people who have the house, but for the moment I love my garden.

I especially love the Red Falstaff apple tree that produces large apples, red on one side, green on the other, perfect for poisoning princesses with. Curse you princesses, the prince is mine, and your little dog too, just you wait and see.

Day 4 apple tree

I started with a pencil drawing of the leaves then I realised that I was holding my breath trying to get it right. So I moved onto Sharpies, which you have to be confident with because any hesitation leaves blots on the paper. I love the pink blossoms next to the green of the leaves so I spent a little time looking at them more closely, first with Sharpies then with my Stabilo fineliner, which leads itself to meandering drawing. I can breathe when I draw like that. I ended up looking at the patterns in the leaves and getting lost in their little road maps.

I am totally unconfident in my ability to draw right now. I seem to have forgotton how to see properly. Judging distances and measuring by eye has got really hard, when it used to be something I could just do. I’m going to be tough in my 30 days challenge and actually do some drawing, even if it’s crap I’m not going to get better not drawing.





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