Calling all Dragon Ladies – Pangolin Fingerless Gloves await you (and a free crochet pattern for extreme hookers)

pangolin fingerless gloves

Never let it be said that I leave any obession uncrocheted. You too can have scales, beautiful, multicoloured, soft undulating scales of woolyness all around your cold little wrists.

pangolin fingerless dragon scale gloves

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If you want to make your own, these were done on a number 6 hook with chunky wool. King Cole Riot.

This is not a pattern for beginners, it’s more of a rough guide.

Chain 18 and slipstitch together.

SC for 4 rows

Make foundation chain for scales (see the crochet section of the Rag Baby Youtube Channel for help with this)

Chain 4, Tr in same place. Miss 2 stitches 1Tr, miss 2 stitches 2Tr in same place….. until you have 4 sets of 2Tr, you may have to juggle the distance between Tr for the last few stitches.

Work 3 rows of Crocodile stitch then about 12 rows of sc. Finish with picot edging.