Every Record I Own – F is for Free – Fire and Water

Free ‎– Fire And Water

free All Right Now was on a mix tape I borrowed from Rosy. my best friends sister. I must have been about 14. I remember it clearly because I spent a really vile night discovering what magic mushrooms can do to a mind and listening to it, again and again and again because this one one of the tracks that held me together.

I love his voice, really like this album, every one a winner but most especially the title track. Almost Famous spoiled Free for me a little because Stillwater are like a Free lookalike band. But actually, I quite like Stillwater too. I have no shame.

Island Records ‎– ILPS 9120
Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
  • A1 Fire And Water
  • A2 Oh I Wept
  • A3 Remember
  • A4 Heavy Load
  • B1 Mr. Big
  • B2 Don’t Say You Love Me
  • B3 All Right Now (Long Version)

Every Record I Own – F is for Faith No More – The Real Thing

Faith No More ‎– The Real Thing

faith I was 22 when this came out and I was travelling round Asia with a total turd. I like to bear a grudge.

I bought this on bootleg tape from a market stall in Bangkok, or maybe the turd bought it and I stole it from him. Anyway, now I have it on lovely vinyl.

It reminds me of being hot, the smell of local Thai cigarettes (not lovely), really vile local whisky and being very hungover. White sands, long journeys on uncomfortable trains and more hangovers.

Slash ‎– 828 154-1, London Records ‎– 828 154-1
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 From Out Of Nowhere 3:19
  • A2 Epic 4:51
  • A3 Falling To Pieces 5:12
  • A4 Surprise! You’re Dead! 2:26
  • A5 Zombie Eaters 5:57
  • B1 The Real Thing 8:10
  • B2 Underwater Love 3:50
  • B3 The Morning After 3:40
  • B4 Woodpecker From Mars 5:38

Every Record I Own – G is for Marvin Gaye – Let’s get it on

Marvin Gaye ‎– Let’s Get It On

marvin It’s Marvin Gaye with extra sex and grunting. What else is there to say?


Tamla ‎– T 329V1, Tamla ‎– T329V1
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
  • A1 Let’s Get It On 4:44
  • A2 Please Don’t Stay (Once You Go Away) 3:32
  • A3 If I Should Die Tonight 3:57
  • A4 Keep Gettin’ It On 3:12
  • B1 Come Get To This 2:40
  • B2 Distant Lover 4:15
  • B3 You Sure Love To Ball 4:43
  • B4 Just To Keep You Satisfied 4:35

Every Record I Own – F is for Aretha Franklin – Aretha’s Greatest Hits

Aretha Franklin ‎– Aretha’s Greatest Hits

aretha I’ve no idea where I first heard Aretha Franklin. I do know that Yves bought me Respect on 7inch (Say a little prayer on the B side) and I’ve still got it. That would have been when I was 14 and really wanted to be Edie Sedgwick, without the drug dependency or death. I was also just discovering Motown.

I don’t often play 7 inches though I do play this compilation regularly.

Atlantic ‎– ATL 40 279, Atlantic ‎– K40279
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
  • A1 Spanish Harlem 3:30
  • A2 Chain Of Fools 2:45
  • A3 Don’t Play That Song 2:48
  • A4 I Say A Little Prayer 3:30
  • A5 Dr. Feelgood 3:18
  • A6 Let It Be 3:28
  • A7 Do Right Woman – Do Right Man 3:15
  • B1 Bridge Over Troubled Water 5:31
  • B2 Respect 2:26
  • B3 Baby I Love You 2:39
  • B4 (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 2:39
  • B5 I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) 2:47
  • B6 You’re All I Need To Get By 3:34
  • B7 Call Me 3:18

Every Record I Own – F is for Fairport Convention – Full House

Fairport Convention ‎– Full House

fullhouse Dim recollection of this being played a lot when we lived in Ebrington St in Plymouth.

Even dimmer recollection of the whole family, including Grandparents, Uncle, Uncles girlfriend, Mother, Dad to be, living in a couple of rooms then the whole floor, then eventually the whole house.

I remember patchworking with my mum and grandmother. I remember leaning against the speakers listening to this in a room full of plants and 70’s nic nacs.

And I remember amazing orange wallpaper in the bathroom.

This is probably my mothers record.

Island Records ‎– ILPS 9130
Vinyl, LP, Album

  • A1 Walk Awhile 3:57
  • A2 Dirty Linen 4:12
  • A3 Sloth 9:13
  • B1 Sir Patrick Spens 3:27
  • B2 Flatback Caper 6:18
  • B3 Doctor Of Physick 3:30
  • B4 Flowers Of The Forest 4:00

Every Record I Own – D is for Dr Hook – Sylvia’s Mother

Doctor Hook And The Medicine Show* ‎– Sylvia’s Mother

drhook There is a chance that this record isn’t mine but I have a vague thought that I might have spent a couple of quid on it in a charity shop last year. I should go through and red dot all the ones I know are mine while I still have some memory of getting them.

I love bits of it, the Bee Gees vibrato gets to me after a bit but it’s got some good rockin’ tunes. Including this one where they look like total dudes!

Embassy ‎– EMB 31201
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
  • A1 Sylvia’s Mother 3:55
  • A2 Marie Lavaux 2:45
  • A3 Sing Me A Rainbow 2:31
  • A4 Hey, Lady Godiva 2:17
  • A5 Four Years Older Than Me 2:26
  • A6 Kiss It Away 4:02
  • B1 Makin’ It Natural 2:50
  • B2 I Call That True Love 2:59
  • B3 When She Cries 3:00
  • B4 Judy 3:45
  • B5 Mama, I’ll Sing One Song For You 2:32

Every Record I Own – F is for The Faust Tapes

Faust ‎– The Faust Tapes

Stolen from my folks a couple of decades ago. What is not to like! Totally random noises interspersed with sweet little tunes, no track listings to speak of just vague words in tiny type on the back cover that hint at the content.

Seriously one of my favorite albums.

faust Label:
Virgin ‎– VC 501
Vinyl, LP, Album

Every Record I Own – C is for Caravan – Caravan

Caravan ‎– Caravan

caravan This was a bit of a risk to buy because it was knackered. Really scratched, ingrained matter in every groove….. it was, however, very cheap. I coated it in lethal chemicals and now it’s fine.

It took me a couple of goes to get into it. At first it sounded like a Prog Rock Spinal Tap, a total parody of every Prog Rock trick and turn. The 3rd time I played it I realised it was going to be on the turntable for a week at least. I binged and binged on it, hoping to purge it from my system and I’m currently listening to it after a 20 day break. Yes, I am that sad I know the number of days!

It still rocks.

MGM Records ‎– 2353 058
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
  • A1 Place Of My Own
  • A2 Ride
  • A3 Policeman
  • A4 Love Song With Flute
  • A5 Cecil Rons
  • B1 Magic Man
  • B2 Grandma’s Lawn
  • B3 Where But For Caravan Would I

Every Record I Own – B is for Blondie – Parallel Lines

Blondie ‎– Parallel Lines

blondie It’s been raining forever in Bristol so on a whim we went to Chippenham. “We’ll always have Chippenham”. I had no idea what to expect so coming across a fine selection of charity shops was really exciting. It’s indicative of the dull ness of my life that I was literally jumping up and down with joy to find a coolie hat for 99p.

I finally bought this album. I hadn’t before because I always though that I had it already.

Favorite track at the moment:


Chrysalis ‎– CDL 1192
Vinyl, LP, Album



  • A1 Hanging On The Telephone 2:17
  • A2 One Way Or Another 3:31
  • A3 Picture This 2:53
  • A4 Fade Away And Radiate 3:57
  • A5 Pretty Baby 3:16
  • A6 I Know But I Don’t Know 3:53
  • B1 11:59 3:19
  • B2 Will Anything Happen? 2:55
  • B3 Sunday Girl 3:01
  • B4 Heart Of Glass 3:54
  • B5 I’m Gonna Love You Too 2:03
  • B6 Just Go Away 3:21

Every Record I Own – D is for Sandy Denny – The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

R-1748876-1247055939 Sandy Denny ‎– The North Star Grassman And The Ravens

Sandy Denny has a voice that makes my spine feel coated in treacle. I had the Optimist as a terrible unshifting ear-worm for weeks after I bought this which was recently for a tenner from a Bristol record shop.

I can’t really hear different versions of Blackwaterside since I know the Bert Jansch one so well so lets just discount that as a viable option on here.

Lovely album but a bit weird that all the tracks just tail off in the studio, it sounds like the band went on for hours after each one and the listener misses out.


Island Records ‎– ILPS 9165
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Late November 4:25
  • A2 Blackwaterside 4:07
  • A3 The Sea Captain 3:07
  • A4 Down In The Flood 3:17
  • A5 John The Gun 4:35
  • B1 Next Time Around 4:20
  • B2 The Optimist 3:21
  • B3 Let’s Jump The Broomstick 2:40
  • B4 Wretched Wilbur 2:34
  • B5 The North Star Grassman And The Ravens 3:25
  • B6 Crazy Lady Blues 3:21