Every Record I Own – B is for Bauhaus

Bauhaus ‎– 1979-1983

This has a few tracks on it I like, from when Goths were Goths and didn’t smile. I still like Dark Entries and the Passion of Lovers but some of it just makes me want to bite people. The first track on the first side I just want to take a fucking pair of nail scissors to, it’s total crap. Some of it is sheer comedy hammer horror parody, with a bit of Iggy and Ziggy on bad days thrown in for good measure. Some if it has hypnotic guitar riffs and a raised blood pressure heartbeat drumbeat, those are the good bits.

There is a band called the Bus Station Loonies from Plymouth who used to pack tiny pubs with Goths who would stay to hear about 90 seconds of a Sisters of Mercy riff, then they would leave. I feel the same about this album. I can stay for bits of it. I can stay for a whole BSL set.

I can’t work out and I can’t remember if the tracks are in order of years, there are no clues on the cover or inner sleeves. This has been truly painful listening. In fact, I gave up.

Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 64
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered



  • A1 Double Dare
  • A2 In The Flat Field
  • A3 Dark Entries
  • A4 Stigmata Martyr
  • A5 Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  • B1 Telegram Sam
  • B2 St. Vitus Dance
  • B3 Spy In The Cab
  • B4 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
  • B5 Passion Of Lovers
  • B6 Mask
  • C1 Kick In The Eye
  • C2 Hollow Hills
  • C3 In Fear Of Fear
  • C4 Ziggy Stardust
  • C5 Silent Hedges
  • C6 Lagartija Nick
  • D1 Third Uncle
  • D2 Spirit
  • D3 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  • D4 She’s In Parties
  • D5 Sanity Assassin
  • D6 Crowds

Every Record I Own – B is for Baroness

Baroness ‎– Red Album


I bought this purely because I liked the cover. To be fair it wasn’t a totally blind purchase, I’d read a review of their more recent Yellow and Green album in the Guardian and again in a friends Terrorizer, which I enjoy looking at for the endless miserable looking long haired men who don’t even perk up if you put a naked woman in front of them for a photoshoot. Boys, come on, what more could you want?

The cover is a gorgeous mish mash of seductive warrior women adorned with bugs and skulls, interwoven with weird Art Nouveau bird cogs and pods behind a barrier of poppies streaming out opium. The more you look at it, the weirder it gets, the birds are tied onto the cog, the girls carry staffs of skulls and more bugs. It reeks of ritual, I like it.

The album itself is on two 12 inches, it took me a while to work out that they are to be played at 45 because they sound deliciously sludgy at 33 and a third. It’s only when you get to a vocal that it sounds wrong. The tracks are listed on the edge of the label, in dark lettering on a dark background so I guess your 46 year old heading towards needing bifocals isn’t the target audience.

I love this album, it needs to be listened to in order to get the idea of the story, which for me is some Nordic tale of honour, battles, redemption and death. In reality I don’t actually know what they lyrics are about, he could be saying ‘Izak, making the tea’ for all I know, I just hear ‘Izak, raaarrrrrgggghhh’. The tracks go through too-many-hot-knives Hawkwind into some delicate little finger picking, back to more ‘raaarrrrgggghhhh’ with a phrase that repeats occasionally like a main character popping back into the story. At the end of the album countries are defended, people may have died but it was certainly honourable, sunrises have been met with pride and strength, truth and justice rule the day.

When I do listen to this it stays on the turntable for a few days, and plays in my head constantly too. Some of the tracks make great running music for the plod plod plod of the drum is just my pace. There are some sweet and delicate phrases in amongst the insanely fast drumming, grungy doom bass and ‘rarrrgggghh’ vocals. It’s an album with a lot of content and I’m glad I’ve got it.

Relapse Records ‎– RR6721-1
2 × Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM, Album, Reissue, Repress, Limited Edition, Purple


  • A1 Rays On Pinion 7:35
  • A2 The Birthing 5:03
  • B1 Isak 4:22
  • B2 Wailing Wintry Wind 5:44
  • B3 Cockroach En Fleur 1:50
  • C1 Wanderlust 4:29
  • C2 Aleph 4:21
  • C3 Teeth Of A Cogwheel 2:16
  • D1 O’Appalachia 2:36
  • D2 Grad 5:54
  • D3 Untitled

Every Record I Own – A is for The Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers Band, The ‎– The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East

This was given to me by a friend who said he would buy it for everyone if he could. If I say anything nasty about it I’ll probably lose a friend. Luckily, I really have to dig deep to find anything bad about it. Apart from the music I really appreciate the bright pink labels on the records themselves and if I really had to criticize I’d say that the way the sides are laid out is peculiar – side D is on the back of side A so I never listen to it in the right order, being too lazy for that kind of thing. I think there is possibly a double turntable solution to this or maybe I’m missing something obvious but don’t things generally go in order?


It’s got great stereo, so if you stand in the middle of the room where the sweet spot is you get all sorts of niceness in each ear. It’s got tracks that go on forever, weaving around and in and out and making me want them to never end.  When they finally conclude they generally bring you back down to earth gently and sated.

The big ginger roadie in Almost Famous talks about the Allman Brothers Band and I’d hear them now and then, like them, but not recognize them. They also have a track on the Atlantic compilation album I’ve got. They seem to have produced a lot and I wouldn’t have known where to start so this is one good present.

Capricorn Records ‎– SD 2-802
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold


  • A1 Statesboro Blues 4:08
  • A2 Done Somebody Wrong 4:05
  • A3 Stormy Monday 8:31
  • B You Don’t Love Me 19:06
  • C1 Hot ‘Lanta 5:10
  • C2 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 12:46
  • D Whipping Post


Every Record I Own – A is for Adam and the Ants

Adam And The Ants ‎– Dirk Wears White Sox

Do It Records ‎– RIDE 3
Vinyl, LP, Album


  • A1 Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)
  • A2 Digital Tenderness
  • A3 Nine Plan Failed
  • A4 Day I Met God
  • A5 Tabletalk
  • B1 Cleopatra
  • B2 Catholic Day
  • B3 Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
  • B4 Animals And Men
  • B5 Family Of Noise
  • B6 The Idea

I would have bought this new, from the big Virgin shop in Plymouth that all the punks hung out by. It’s now an Edinburgh Mill shop and I no longer go there, I may be old but I’m not that old, yet. I would have been 12 or 13 at the time and I can’t remember where I heard about Adam and the Ants, possibly through NME or a Peelsession. They wouldn’t have been on TV then. I haven’t listened to this album for 20 or so years.

I love the cover and the inner sleeve, it’s got the most amazing high contrast images, that are pretty timeless apart from one of the guitarist wearing a punk looking t-shirt.

The lyrics are painful and the playing isn’t great but it has some good moments – there is some lovely melodic guitar in Nine Plan Failed about 3 minutes in and Tabletalk is pure love love love prog rock plus ska guitar.  Cleopatra has a nice baseline and it taught me more about the Egyptians than school did. It’s got a fair bit of religious content which I didn’t understand then and still don’t now. They are post punk anarchists, do they approve of god or not? I dunno and no longer care.

Overall I’m surprised it’s listenable to, I don’t think I need to hear it again for a few years but maybe I’ll wait less than 20 next time.

In my tiny little 6 inch collection I have Whip in My Valise/Zerox. Whip is very Iggy, and I think ‘who taught you to torture’ are genius lyrics. It’s like a singalong Venus in Furs. The B side is just plain bizzare.