How to save a video from Facebook to your computer

It’s pretty easy to make a video on most smartphones now, and a doddle to upload them to Facebook, where they seem stuck forever in Facebook limbo.

This is how to save any Facebook video onto your computer so you can then do what you want with it.

If you want to upload a private video, that you don’t want the world and your mum to see set the options to private, only you can see it. When you have saved it to your computer you can then choose to share it with whoever you like, not the whole world.

  1. Upload a video to Facebook making sure you have set the Audience (little icons lower right of the box you type status reports into) to Only Me. The icon for this looks like a handbag.
  2. When your video has uploaded, click to watch it then at the bottom of the screen click on Options
  3. Then click on Get Link and Ctrl C to copy the link
  4. Go to and paste (Ctrl V) the link into the bit that says ‘Enter Video Url’
  5. Click on Start Download
  6. Click the button to download it as low quality or as high quality
  7. Your video will start playing, right click to save it to your computer
  8. If you want to upload it to a Facebook group it is just the same as adding a photo.

If that doesn’t make sense just let me know.