crocheted binary tree

Crocheting a Binary Tree

If you have forgotton, a binary tree is what you get if you branch off two times from each branch, then again, then again – think of a tree trunk that divides into 2 main parts, then each main part divides into 2, then each of those divides into 2 etc. You can also get tertiary trees where all the ends divide into three but for the moment I’m playing with binary trees.

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Anyway I was kept up all night wondering what happens if you crochet a binary tree.

Crocheted binary tree

I started off with a circle but discovered that if you keep adding 2 stitches to the stitch below you end up with a bigger circle.

So then I chained 5 and double crocheted twice into each stitch on the row below for 5 rows. This is what you get, it looks like coral to me!

crocheted binary treeI could have gone on but from the original 5 stitches I was now dealing with hundreds and you can see that it is just going to do the same thing only bigger.

It still makes a circle if you roll it up.

crocheted binary treeWatch this space for more adventures in maths and crochet!