Every Record I Own – B is for Bauhaus

Bauhaus ‎– 1979-1983

This has a few tracks on it I like, from when Goths were Goths and didn’t smile. I still like Dark Entries and the Passion of Lovers but some of it just makes me want to bite people. The first track on the first side I just want to take a fucking pair of nail scissors to, it’s total crap. Some of it is sheer comedy hammer horror parody, with a bit of Iggy and Ziggy on bad days thrown in for good measure. Some if it has hypnotic guitar riffs and a raised blood pressure heartbeat drumbeat, those are the good bits.

There is a band called the Bus Station Loonies from Plymouth who used to pack tiny pubs with Goths who would stay to hear about 90 seconds of a Sisters of Mercy riff, then they would leave. I feel the same about this album. I can stay for bits of it. I can stay for a whole BSL set.

I can’t work out and I can’t remember if the tracks are in order of years, there are no clues on the cover or inner sleeves. This has been truly painful listening. In fact, I gave up.

Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 64
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered



  • A1 Double Dare
  • A2 In The Flat Field
  • A3 Dark Entries
  • A4 Stigmata Martyr
  • A5 Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  • B1 Telegram Sam
  • B2 St. Vitus Dance
  • B3 Spy In The Cab
  • B4 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
  • B5 Passion Of Lovers
  • B6 Mask
  • C1 Kick In The Eye
  • C2 Hollow Hills
  • C3 In Fear Of Fear
  • C4 Ziggy Stardust
  • C5 Silent Hedges
  • C6 Lagartija Nick
  • D1 Third Uncle
  • D2 Spirit
  • D3 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  • D4 She’s In Parties
  • D5 Sanity Assassin
  • D6 Crowds