“More flowers on the lead guitar” Hollow Giants at Fannys September Party

I hate festivals with a passion that defies all logic but my mother challenged me to do everything I was invited to so I went to Fannys September Party, at a secret location somewhere in Somerset, I had to go.

Fanny says she only works with her friends and other interesting people and it shows. It felt safe, no one puked or even fell on my tent,  no one bothered if you peed in a hedge, the music from 2 stages was ace and the people I met just wonderful. Lots of them were people I’ve known for years but lost touch with so that was doubly lovely, and it was good to meet fellow vinyl collecting sci-fi nerds too.

I also got to work behind the bar, with real live people, in real time, in the real world which was a total treat after my usual solo freelancing at Naked Website.

The first band that stopped me reading the Saturday paper was Edwin Brookes and the Burning Glass who are great, light, funny, silly people, with a drummer who can do a million things at once. The video doesn’t do them justice, they were perfect late afternoon entertainment.

The second lot who blew my socks off were Hollow Giants who made a lot of noise, which I totally approve of. See for yourself. The guitarist was wearing a rather fetching garland of flowers around his head, hence someone in the audience shouting out ‘More flowers on the lead guitar’, beats ‘too much top’ any day. I didn’t get any photos of them because I was being a snarky barmaid at the time, the power had gone to my head.

This was the sad and empty stage the next day.


This hasn’t changed my mind about the general awfulness of festivals, but I’d do this again.