crochet butterfly

Free Crochet Butterfly Pattern

This pattern uses UK terminology. So what we call a treble crochet you call a double, and what we call a double crochet you call a single. Clearly this is because all Americans are insane.

You will need 2 colours (notice the correct spelling no matter what WordPress auto spelling correct thinks!) of yarn and a pipecleaner. Using DK yarn and a size 5 hook makes a butterfly about the same size as the palm of my hand. You could use thinner yarn and a smaller hook and get smaller butterflies, or larger to get bigger.

crochet butterfly

I used DK and a size 5 crochet hook

Using the first colour

1st Round:

Chain 4, slip stitch into first chain 4 times.

You should have a flower shape with 4 petals, the petals are the butterfly wings.

crochet butterfly round 1

2nd Round:


Chain 1, work into first 4 chain space, *1dc, 4 tr, 1dc.*
Repeat from * to * in the next 3 4 chain spaces.


Slipstitch into next stitch and break off yarn.


 crochet butterfly round 2


3rd Round: Join a new colour at the first dc of any wing. 2tr into each of the spaces between the next 5 tr, dc into next dc.


Repeat for the next wing


For the larger wings


dc into next dc, 2 tr into each tr twice, 2tr into next tr, chain 2 (to form point) 2 tr into same tr, 2 tr into next 2 tr, dc into next dc. Repeat for the next wing and finish off yarn by slipstitching into next stitch.


Crochet or sew in ends.



Halve the pipecleaner, sandwich the butterfly in the fold, twist together to seal and curl the ends to finish. You can put a peg or a hair grip in the back.

If you prefer the pattern as a printable PDF it’s here, enjoy! crochet_butterfly_from_ragbaby