Guest Poem – Screw you Poppet by Queenie

illustration by Lisa Cole
illustration by Lisa Cole

Screw You Poppet

Freezing my arse off
Planting violets in a grave yard,
To inconspicuously gather
Goofer dirt,

It was simpler,
Choosing the fabric, black silk
Symbolic of you’re annoying slickness,
Matching the colour of you heart.

Now I sit, needle and thread.
Unleashing my domestic goddess
I damn as I darn.

I stuff you soundly.
With dirt, your scribbled signature,
A photo, complete with
Ingratiating smile.

I name you.
I feed you.
I bind you.

With ruby ribbons,
Your hateful mouth,
Your woeful groin,
Your interfering hands.

A last kiss
Before I bury you deep
In the frozen earth.
A final thought

Screw you poppet.

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