Middle Ninfa Campsite

I’d had enough of inner city sirens and a 10 year old off school for 2 weeks questioning me about pi, pedantically correcting my grammar and generally doing my head in big time. I really needed a very quiet place to be on my own.

Generally I go to Llanthony for a bit of solitary camping but you tend to get neighbours there, usually very nice but people all the same and I really didn’t want to see anyone. So I googled and found Middle Ninfa; a campsite split into smaller more secluded campsites with a sauna!

Middle Ninfa is up a very steep track indeed. My elderly Astra did very well though I feared for it’s clutch. There are really detailed getting there instructions which are worth reading because it’s not obvious where to turn off and up.

I was really lucky to get the Dixie field which has enough room for a tent and a campfire. Occasionally a horse squeezes it’s way in as well.
Dixie Field at Middle Ninfa

horse at middle ninfaNow I am not that comfortable around horses, I don’t really see the point of them, we have cars to get around and they don’t crap quite as much. This one was ok and supervised me putting up my tent. It didn’t mind bad horse jokes, though actually I was trying to offend it into leaving because it kept snorting and making me jump.

Camping cost me £6 and firewood £2.50. I really appreciate that in the firewood bag you get a mixture of kindling and thicker wood, it’s the kind of thoughtful touch that makes Middle Ninfa special. There are a couple of compost loos and a place to wash dishes and brush your teeth with running water.

I didn’t get to go in the sauna because there is a sign saying don’t do it alone in case you pass out.

The views around the site make risking your clutch worthwhile. The view from my site wasn’t the best but it was still pretty good. Better than the grotty house across the road from me which usually greets me when I wake up.

This picture shows the view from the field next to me.

view from middle ninfa

If you are feeling in a more social mood there are plenty of choices, a main camping field which looked nice and flat, and smaller ones which they only every rent out to one whole group so it would be a great place for a camping birthday party. There are lawn games you can borrow for free and plenty of walking to do as long as you don’t mind hills.

On the whole this is a really well organised, friendly, easy to stay at camp site. I will be back.