Nailbinding with Blanket Stitch Video


Huge thanks to Anneka from the Freemen of Gwent for sharing this technique with me.

It’s a version of the predecessor to knitting called Nailbinding or Naalbinding which means binding with a needle in Danish. It uses short bits of yarn and a darning needle.

They had made fingerless gloves with this techique that looked a little like this image from Pinterest. Using a blanket stitch made a tighter loop than the one seen here though.

You work around your hand forming the glove so you start with a loop the diameter of your hand and blanket stitch around it, working down until you meet the thumb. Some increases around the base of the thumb would help here, it’s quite easy to do by working two blanket stitches in one space.

Anneka told me that she made the right hand glove on her right hand so she could get the increase pattern to balance. I’m not sure I’m up to sewing with my left hand yet though I’ll work on it.

No apologies for my messy house in the background of my video at all, if you don’t like it, look away!