A week on WW2 rations – day 3

I should have weighed myself on Monday but I forgot – I’m 10st 1.4 I can’t imagine with all the sugar on the ration I will be anything less on Sunday.


  • Porridge and honey
  • Juice

We are out of honey and treacle, I think we will use our ration book to buy a pot of honey.

Packed Lunch for T

  • Cheese and lettuce sandwich
  • half a honey sandwich
  • juice
  • 2 Anzac biscuits
  • 1 small coconut biscuit
  • A Satsuma!

We are out of bread too, hence half a honey sandwich.

T went on a school trip yesterday and was given crossants and pineapple! Like dining at the Ritz!

My lunch

  • Vegi soup (extended from Monday’s) and bread if I buy some


  • Soup
  • Fish and veg
  • fresh bread rolls and some of the butter ration


  • a Toffee
  • Chelsea Buns! (which we were too full to eat)

cunning plan – I’m going to use the mashed potato in a bread dough so we can have nice fresh bread with fish and veg for tea and use the rest of the dough to make chelsea buns to use up some sugar ration! 90% of my brain is now taken up with how to make meals stretch and how to eke out the fat ration.

It’s an inset day on Friday so we will eat out, my son asked if we could eat somewhere that does starters! He went on a school trip yesterday and they had croissants and pineapple so at breakfast we talked about how rich people could eat pretty much whatever they wanted and he was a rich person for that day. I don’t know how people managed on rations without cafes and restaurants.  I haven’t rationed bread for this week as I can’t find out how many loaves we should have but we are eating more than we usually do.

I am carbohydrate girl. Swapped my sweet ration for 2 eggs, T very nicely said he would share his sweet ration with me on Saturday. We have loads of sugar left, most of the butter, most of the cheese, a third of the marj, all of the jam, half of the smoked salmon, 4 vegi sausages, 2 vegi burgers and we are going to eat on on Friday. All is well.


A week on WW2 rations – day 2

Menu plan


  • Porridge and honey
  • juice

Packed Lunch

  • smoked salmon sandwich (instead of bacon which T doesnt eat)
  • anzac biscuits
  • juice
  • raisins

My lunch

  • vegi soup
  • toasted tomato sandwich
  • salad
  • smoked salmon
  • anzac biscuits


  • smoked salmon, potato and mushroom pasty for T, mixed veg pasty for me with oven chips  for both of us salad and beetroot for me
  • coconut shortbread biccies

I’m feeling the sugar overload and a lack of protein. Have arranged to trade my sweet ration for a couple of eggs with the neighbours. None of the recipes I can find make much use of pulses which would be my usual protein boost in times of no money.

A week on WW2 rations – day 1


  • Porridge with treacle and left over strawberries cooked down,
  • soya milk.

I made tea in a teapot to stretch the bag out to 2 cups.


T’s packed lunch is

  • Cheese and mushroom sandwich,
  • honey sandwich,
  • raisins,
  • juice (should be squash but we don’t have any)
  • and a carrot with propeganda “carrots keep you healthy and help you see in the blackout”

I’ve saved the crusts to make something else with later in the week.

My lunch is vegetable soup, bread and marj


  • Mashed potato (mine was mashed with celeriac) no butter
  • Half a tin of baked beans between us (bought with ration book)
  • Tiny scraping of grated cheese
  • Mushrooms and leeks


  • Jam tarts and custard

I also made Anzac Biscuits which are just lovely little coconutty bundles of sugary niceness.

Day 1 on WW2 rations, conclusions:

I’ve been missing cups of tea, I’ve been obsessing about food and rations and what best to spend the fat ration on. I’ve eaten more sugar today than I normally do and we have loads left in our rations.

T ate all his packed lunch apart from the carrot, he ate almost all of his dinner apart from one large spoonful and the leftover beans and potatos  I put in my soup for tomorrow.  He ate custard which is a newish one for him and likes Anzac Biscuits a lot! When I woke up this morning I found him googling air raid siren because he wanted to put the noise on his MP3 player.  We talked about black market stuff and whether it was ethical, he says he would prefer to swap stuff which is ok. I’m hoping that the neighbours will consider swapping a couple of eggs for some of my sweet ration.

WW2 recipes – Carrot Fudge, Buns and Cookies

Carrot Fudge (Recipe from Colleen Moulding’s “Frugal Recipes from Wartime Britain”). Dig for victory poster child

You will need:
4 tablespoons of finely grated carrot
1 gelatine leaf
orange essence or orange squash
a saucepan and a flat dish

Put the carrots in a pan and cook them gently in just enough water to keep them covered, for ten minutes. Add a little orange essence, or orange squash to flavour the carrot. Melt a leaf of gelatine and add it to the mixture. Cook the mixture again for a few minutes, stirring all the time. Spoon it into a flat dish and leave it to set in a cool place for several hours. When the “fudge” feels firm, cut it into chunks and get eating!
Carrot Buns

You will need – 8 oz self-raising flour, 3 oz margarine or cooking fat, 3 oz sugar, 4 tablespoons finely grated raw carrot,2 tablespoons sultanas or chopped dates, 1 reconstituted dried or fresh egg, a little milk or water. Method – Grease 2 baking trays. Sift the flour into a mixing bowl. Rub in the margarine or cooking fat.  Add the sugar, carrot, sultanas and egg. Mix well, then add sufficient milk or water to make a sticky consistency. Divide mixture into 12 small heaps on baking tray and bake in a hot oven (gas mark7) for 12 to 15 minutes until firm and golden.

Carrot Cookies

You will need –  1 tablespoon margarine, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 to 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence, 4 tablespoons grated raw carrot 6 tablespoons self- raising flour (or plain flour with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder added), 1 tablespoon of water.

Method – Cream the fat and the sugar together with the vanilla essence. Beat in the grated carrot. Fold in the flour. If mixture very dry then add a little water. Drop spoonfuls onto greased tray and press down just a little.  Sprinkle tops with sugar and cook in an oven at 200 centigrade for about 20 minutes.

WW2 recipes – Anzac Biscuits


1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of rolled oats

1 cup of desiccated coconut

1 cup of brown sugar

½ cup of butter of your ration.

2 ½ tbs golden syrup ( or honey)

1 tsp bicarb soda

2 ½ tbsp of boiling water

Combine flour, oats, sugar and coconut into a bowl.

Melt the butter and golden syrup or honey in a pot over low heat

Mix the bicarb soda with the water and then add to the butter and golden syrup or honey

Pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture and mix it all well.

Teaspoon dollops of the mixture onto a greased tray make sure you leave space for spreading.

Bake in a 350F for 15 to 20 mins


In reality I melted the butter, syrup and sugar, poured this into the dry ingredients, added the water and bicarb and mixed up. I messed up the weighing so my ratios are all wrong but they taste fantastic!


A week on WW2 rations – meal ideas

These are ideas for me and my 8 year old who does not eat meat so I’m substituting smoked salmon for bacon. He hardly eats any veg so this will be an interesting week.

Breakfast for both of us:

  • porridge with honey, apple sauce, sugar, milk, raisins (?)
  • toast and butter/jam/marmite/honey
  • dippy egg and toast and butter (can only do this once unless we get more eggs somehow)


Packed Lunch for 8 year old

  • Sandwiches:
    • salmon
    • cheese and mushroom
    • cheese
    • marmite
    • jam
    • honey
    • sausage?
  • Fruit Juice
  • Cold salmon and mushroom pasty
  • Raisins/sultanas
  • sliced carrot

Lunch for me

  • Vegi soup and bread
  • Dahl
  • toasted cheese and mushroom sandwich

Dinner for both of us

  • Sausage, mash and gravy – 2 vegi sausages each, or 1.5 sausages each saving one for a sandwich (vegis broccoli and peas)
  • Home made oven chips and fish (free as we have a fisherman friend) (mixed vegis for me, broccoli for T)
  • Vegi/smoked salmon pasties (using some of the marj ration to make pastry) variation on Wooton Pie.
  • Mashed potato and smoked salmon and mushrooms, or potato Floddies – http://cookit.e2bn.org/historycookbook/95-potato-floddies.html
  • Vegi burgers (have to be bought with ration book) with oven chips.
  • Baked potatos and cheese
  • Sausages, baked beans and chips/mash
  • Egg, baked beans and chips

Snacks/Biccies (this is where I see most of the fat ration going)

  • shortbread
  • buns
  • jammy dodgers (home made using jam allowance)
  • scones (potato)
  • all of these could be used in lunch box too


  • Baked/stewed apples and custard
  • apple crumble and custard
  • cake?
  • jelly?

A week on WW2 rations

For a week me and my 8 year old are on WW2 rations.

We have (between us)

Butter 100g

Marj 200g

Sugar 450g

Milk 4l

Smoked Salmon (instead of bacon) 200g

Cheese 100g

2 eggs

Tea 100g

Jam 100g

Sweets 120g

T is a bit disgruntled that there will be no pasta. We are hoping for some black market goodies.

This is our Morrison shelter, underneath the table, in case the siren goes off – http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolradio/subjects/history/ww2clips/sounds/air_raid_montage_audio