Short poncho shoulder warmers in delicious colours keep us pixies warm.

I’m not sure what you call these, any suggestions much appreciated. For the moment, let’s call it a neck warmer, though it’s more than that as it has a short poncho section that keeps your shoulders and your neck toasty warm.

It is crocheted and made by joining 6 flowers together to circle the neck. The crochet then circles round them creating a border at the bottom and a collar at the top.

The yarn used is dip dyed.

These can be worn with the collar up or down. The collar has a soft petal edging.
They are shown on a size 12 dress stand but will fit from size 8 to size 20 – it will just be bigger on smaller people.

The yarn is wool and acrylic mixed. It can be washed at 40 degrees.

The design is based on a free pattern from Ravelry and has been altered by me.