The perfect notebook for plotting world domination

evil plots and schemes steampunk notebook

We all know how it is, our evil genius friends and relatives are impossible to find presents for. They have all the bunsen burners they could possibly desire and you gave them socks last year.

This is the solution. A handy A6 hardbacked notebook with loads of lovely blank pages for drawing diagrams or writing lists on. A6 is a quarter of normal bit of photocopier paper so these notebooks fit nicely into bags or larger pockets.

The front cover features an iconoclastic Rag Baby composite design of cogs, a torso, a lady in a corset, mechanical legs, a very judgemental looking man on a bike and a cat, with it’s innards on display.

The paper inside is a good weight that would take ink pens, felt tips and probably blood though for safety and legal reasons I cannot recommend that. Not after what happened last time.