Every Record I Own – B is for Boards of Canada – Beautiful Place..

Boards Of Canada ‎– In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

aside Bought from a tiny little record shop in Bristol that is now a pub full of people who look like they got stuck in the 80’s. I got it when I had my last proper job, in a hideous office where you got to smell peoples farts recycled in the air conditioning. I lasted a couple of years there and made life more bearable by drinking my bodyweight in cocktails at the weekend and making people grow sunflowers for a competition.
I was expecting a brighter blue vinyl so this strange baby sky blue threw me a little. It’s more lovely ambient driftyness. I put this on the turntable and it makes me go ‘ahh’. It’s instant relaxation and bliss.

Warp Records ‎– wap144, music70 ‎– wap144
Vinyl, 12″, EP, 45 RPM, Sky Blue
  • A1 Kid For Today
  • A2 Amo Bishop Roden
  • B3 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  • B4 Zoetrope

Every Record I Own – B is for Boards of Canada – Music has the Right

Boards Of Canada ‎– Music Has The Right To Children


Double gatefold of drifty mogadon hangover music. Perfect for a lazy Sunday, perfect for when you are feeling very low or very high. Bought directly from Warp when I had a horrible office job and I was trying to function in the real world. This translated to drinking bucketfuls of cocktails at the weekend and spending every Sunday dreading Monday.

I don’t play the sides in order usually, and I don’t think they need to be played in order either. Side one drifts along, side 2 has some incredible samples entwined into the haze, some sort of distant tribal singing and the well know roygbiv starts with a call to a spaceship much better than Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The aliens. Side 3 has Olson which is one of the most beautiful bits of music I’ve ever heard, all the sweeter because it’s so short.

Warp Records ‎– WARPLP55, Skam ‎– SKALP1
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Wildlife Analysis 1:17
  • A2 An Eagle In Your Mind 6:23
  • A3 The Color Of The Fire 1:45
  • A4 Telephasic Workshop 6:35
  • A5 Triangles And Rhombuses 1:50
  • B1 Sixtyten 5:48
  • B2 Turquoise Hexagon Sun 5:07
  • B3 Kaini Industries 0:59
  • B4 Bocuma 1:35
  • B5 Roygbiv 2:31
  • C1 Rue The Whirl 6:39
  • C2 Aquarius 5:58
  • C3 Olson 1:31
  • D1 Pete Standing Alone 6:07
  • D2 Smokes Quantity 3:07
  • D3 Open The Light 4:25
  • D4 One Very Important Thought