Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Tonight

David Bowie ‎– Tonight

tonight I’ve never heard this all the way through, it was given to me by my sister in a big bundle and it got lost on the shelf.
Loving the Alien was around at about the time I gave up on new Bowie stuff and the album doesn’t really do it for me.
I would have been 17 when this came out, and busy breaking into empty power stations and trying to produce a big enough portfolio to get back into art college – they head of department changed to someone who really didn’t like me, fair enough. He replaced the gorgeous Alex Mackenzie who did like me and actually gave me a place there a year early because I told him school wouldn’t have me back.
EMI America ‎– DB 1, EMI America ‎– EL 2402271, EMI America ‎– EL 24 0227 1
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Loving The Alien 7:07
  • A2 Don’t Look Down 4:08
  • A3 God Only Knows 3:04
  • A4 Tonight 3:42
  • B1 Neighborhood Threat 3:10
  • B2 Blue Jean 3:09
  • B3 Tumble And Twirl 4:56
  • B4 I Keep Forgettin’ 2:32
  • B5 Dancing With The Big Boys 3:32

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Diamond Dogs

Bowie* ‎– Diamond Dogs

SONY DSC Totally stolen from my parents when I was around 14, a perfect age for reading Orwell and worrying about a post nuclear dystopian future and the perfect soundtrack for that angst.

This album has never left my playlist. I know the lyrics better than I know myself.


RCA Victor ‎– APL1-0576
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
  • A1 Future Legend 1:00
  • A2 Diamond Dogs 5:50
  • A3 Sweet Thing 3:29
  • A4 Candidate 2:39
  • A5 Sweet Thing (Reprise) 2:32
  • A6 Rebel Rebel 4:21
  • B1 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me 3:54
  • B2 We Are The Dead 4:48
  • B3 1984 3:24
  • B4 Big Brother 3:25
  • B5 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family 1:48

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Station to Station

David Bowie ‎– Station To Station

station I know the live Stage version of Station to Station so much better than the album version that this is just pale and limp in comparison. The live version is a big wall of sound attacking until you submit. There are scratches on the first track of my copy of Station to Station which don’t help either.
Once you get to Golden Years I’m on home ground, territory that sounds right, but it’s not my favorite Bowie. It’s all a bit lift music, background and nothing else.
RCA Victor ‎– APL1 1327, RCA Victor ‎– APL1-1327, RCA Victor ‎– APLI-1327
Vinyl, LP, Album, 1st Pressing
  • A1 Station To Station 10:08
  • A2 Golden Years 4:03
  • A3 Word On A Wing 6:00
  • B1 Tvc 15 5:29
  • B2 Stay 6:08
  • B3 Wild Is The Wind 5:58

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Hunky Dory

David Bowie ‎– Hunky Dory

hunky I don’t have a cover for this because I found it for 20p in a pile of charity shop records. It’s only the re-issue but its a great album.

It makes me feel happy when I am sad and reminds me that I can stay happy when I’m happy. Issued originally in 1971 I probably heard this at my parents first but I don’t remember.

Favorite track……….don’t you know you’re driving your mamas and papas insane……

RCA International ‎– INTS 5064, RCA International ‎– NL 13844, Mainman ‎– INTS 5064
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
  • A1 Changes
  • A2 Oh! You Pretty Things
  • A3 Eight Line Poem
  • A4 Life On Mars?
  • A5 Kooks
  • A6 Quicksand
  • B1 Fill Your Heart
  • B2 Andy Warhol
  • B3 Song For Bob Dylan
  • B4 Queen Bitch
  • B5 The Bewlay Brothers

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Scary Monsters

David Bowie ‎– Scary Monsters

scary Last birthday my sister got me a whole batch of records, including loads of Bowie. I didn’t have this and wouldn’t have thought to bought it.  I remember Ashes to Ashes and Fashion from when I was a young teenager and though I’d self consciously dance to them they weren’t really my thing. Too Steve Strange, too St Martins.
The front cover looks like an art college fashion drawing, with textures torn out mood sheet style.
Re-listening to the tracks I know from Scary Monsters I’m realising I like the industrial noises, the scratchy, grinding metallic sounds. I don’t like the more poppy, bland tracks like Teenage Wildlife. Most of side B isn’t my thing at all.

RCA ‎– BOW LP 2, RCA ‎– PL 13647
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 It’s No Game (No. 1) 4:17
  • A2 Up The Hill Backwards 3:13
  • A3 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 5:10
  • A4 Ashes To Ashes 4:24
  • A5 Fashion 4:48
  • B1 Teenage Wildlife 6:55
  • B2 Scream Like A Baby 3:35
  • B3 Kingdom Come 3:42
  • B4 Because You’re Young 4:51
  • B5 It’s No Game (No. 2) 4:20

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Ziggy

David Bowie ‎– The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

ziggy My copy of Ziggy has lost the inner sleeve with the lyrics, I have the 80’s re issue too and that doesn’t have them either. That’s ok though because I know all the words so fuck you lost lyrics.
Moonage Daydream reminds me of living in a tiny flat on the Isle of Dogs with hostile neighbours who threw spanners to their kids from the 4th floor ‘Ma, throw me a fackin spanner’. We were on the ground floor and had to watch out for fag ends and all sorts being thrown off the top balcony. Moonage Daydream has some of my favorite lyrics of all time;  “you’re squawking like a pink monkey bird, now I’m busting up my brains for the words” genius.

RCA Victor ‎– SF 8287, RCA Victor ‎– LSP 4702
Vinyl, LP, Album
  • A1 Five Years 4:42
  • A2 Soul Love 3:34
  • A3 Moonage Daydream 4:40
  • A4 Starman 4:10
  • A5 It Ain’t Easy 2:58
  • B1 Lady Stardust 3:22
  • B2 Star 2:47
  • B3 Hang On To Yourself 2:40
  • B4 Ziggy Stardust 3:13
  • B5 Suffragette City 3:25
  • B6 Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide 2:58

Every Record I Own – B is for Bowie – Stage

David Bowie ‎– Stage


I knew this from a tape my parents had and bought the album a couple of years ago. The original tape was a copy and bright purple and I probably still have it somewhere – going through every tape I own will be a different story though. The first record is live versions of Ziggy Stardust and Station to Station but the second record is the one I really like best.

There is a bit of it in Christiane F which I wasn’t expecting when I saw the film for the first time but the track I most love is the one after Warszawa (co written with Brian Eno). It’s called Speed of Life. It must have been amazing live.


RCA Victor ‎– PL 02913(2)
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold Sleeve
  • A1 Hang On To Yourself
  • A2 Ziggy Stardust
  • A3 Five Years
  • A4 Soul Love
  • A5 Star
  • B1 Station To Station
  • B2 Fame
  • B3 Tvc 15
  • C1 Warszawa
  • C2 Speed Of Life
  • C3 Art Decade
  • C4 Sense Of Doubt
  • C5 Breaking Glass
  • D1 “Heroes”
  • D2 What In The World
  • D3 Blackout
  • D4 Beauty And The Beast