Sorting my fucking self out. Day 8


I’m 10 stone. I’m 5ft 6 and I measure 36, 31, 38 – that’s an inch down on the hips since day 1.

In the 8 days I’ve run day 1 of C25K 6 times, done loads of planks, bought a pull up bar so I can learn to do pull ups. Been to the gym once where I have pushed and pulled heavy things. I’ve done no other cardio other than running because I hate it.

I’ve mostly eaten paleo –  a palm sized bit of protein with non starchy veg 3 times a day. I’ve drunk more water, given up soya milk but I’m still having tea with cow milk and sometimes coffee.

Falios –  3 cocktails with sugar syrup, 3 gin and tonics, another gin and tonic (all on different days) ice cream, chocolate brownie and chocolate
sauce, pineapple and cheese sticks at a party (it was that or pizza), snacky binge drunk night on dates and nuts.



Sorting my fucking self out. Day 1

This has to be done. I am now posting pictures of my fat and hated stomach into the world so that I will actually do something about it.

It’s been a summer of ice cream and salted caramel sauce, lots and lots of alcohol and no exercise at all.

Here I am, 46 years old. Sorry if this puts you off your ice cream and salted caramel sauce. I think I’m 10 stone ish. I’m 5ft 6 and I measure 36, 31, 39.


The plan is:

Run a few times a week – school starts in one week so I can run regularly again (I do C25K) and use the walk to school as a warm up. Running glues my mind together and I feel a whole lot better if I know I can run away.

Sort out my diet properly – I eat mostly Paleo following the Whole 30 guidelines – so 3 meals a day of a palm sized bit of protein, a thumb sized portion of oil and the rest of the plate is veg – not chips. So that’s no bread, rice, pasta or cake. I quite often Faileo which is why I have those wobbly bits; I suffer terribly from cake retention, and I drink far too much!

Go to the gym – I love my gym because upstairs there is a nice open room (it’s in a church) and no music plays! It’s a boxing gym and it’s only open for women twice a week.

The Paleo UK  Facebook page are a very lovely bunch or people and they’ve suggested I mostly need to just stop eating non paleo, and do some planks and supermans.I’m not going to blog about this every day because that will be boring but the next picture should look a bit more streamlined.

Ideas appreciated as long as no one mentions crunches. I hate crunches.