36 Zodiac Cards sold to one lovely shop

I’m really proud to have sold 3 set of the Rag Baby Zodiac cards to Carnill & Company Ltd. who are a new shop just about to open. More news of when and where later.

I haven’t sold out though because I make to order so if you like the look of them please head over to the Folksy shop to spend spend spend. http://folksy.com/shops/ragbaby?shop_section=zodiac_greetings_cards

Leo Zodiac card at rag baby designs Virgo zodiac card at Rag babyLibra Zodiac card at Rag BabyScorpio zodiac card at rag babySagittarius zodiac card at Rag BabyCapricorn Zodiac card at Rag BabyAquarius zodiac card at rag babyPisces astrological sodiac greetings card at ragbabyAries zodiac greeting card design at rag babyTaurus zodiac card at rag babygemini zodiac card at rag babucancer zodiac card at rag baby

Looking for Aliens and Loving the Music of the Stars

heart and music stars card at ragbaby I sold this georgous card on Folksy today, some lucky person is going to get a precious bit of lovelyness. The heart is made from lots of tiny little stars cut out of 1920’s music manuscript. So the literal translation of  the meaning of the card is ‘I love the music of the stars’. All together now ahhhhh.

If you have a computer at home that is on a lot you can donate it’s downtime to SETI@home  which is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  All you need to do is run a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Much more fun than the swirly screensavers and it could make you famous!

We are hoping to find alien lifeforms and become their leader, mwahhahahaha.

If you want to hear what the music of the stars really sounds like check this out, I could listen to it on a loop.

Teeth are lengthening, time is running out to get Anti Valentines Day Cards.

Time is running out. Teeth lengthen. Get them while you can. Last day for me to drag my sorry arse to the post office is the 12th February and I have to be there by noon or the horses will leave with the carriage.

There are 3 ways to shop:

Directly from Rag Baby  where postage is free.

At the Rag Baby Folksy Shop

From Rag Baby at Etsy

I love you because the voices tell me to – Anti Valentines Day Card

What else do the voices tell you to do?

This Steampunk anti Valentines day card features a composite picture anatomy drawings and diagrams of machinery.
The card is of the deepest darkest black and is 5 1/2 inch square. It comes with a jolly bright pink envelope to lighten the mood, or lull the recipient into a false sense of security.
The inside of the card has a paler pink heart to write on, or tear off, if you are in that sort of mood.

Or you can buy directly from here with Paypal for £4.50 with free postage and packing [wp_cart:The voices tell me to Valentines:price:4.50:end]