Kefir – making yoghurt video

Kefir grains are clumpy little brain like cauliflower things that turn milk into yoghurt overnight. Kefir is supposed to be rammed full of probiotics and other things of goodness but if you are just interested in the taste, think slightly zingy yoghurt. It makes great dressings with olive oil and garlic and is nice mixed with honey too. There is a nice big list here that says you can use Kefir anywhere you might use buttermilk. If, like me you are paleoish most of those recipes will need heavy adapting but you get the idea. I’m currently working on trying to make ricotta out of it.

You can’t make Kefir grains, you need to find someone who has enough to share. I got mine from Ebay and I’m happy to share mine if you want to pay for postage and hassle.

The video shows how I get the yoghurt off the grains every morning, well most mornings. Sometimes I leave it for a few days because I forget, then I just ditch the yoghurt. I use a jam jar, a ramekin bowl as a loose lid, a sieve, running water and organic cows milk. I’ve tried it with soya milk and it works but not so well. I think you can also use coconut milk and any other nut milk but the grains seem to thrive best on cow.  If you want a holiday you can leave them in the fridge in milk for a few days but they might take a day to recover from this.