30 days of creativity – Day 23 – Somerset Rural Life Museum

30 day creativity challenge Day  23, getting crafty.
I’ve driven past the Somerset Rural Life Museum hundreds of times assuming that it was an expensive attraction. In fact, it’s a free museum and if you catch it at the right time there are loads of things to do there.

We (me and my 10 year old) accidentally went on Family Harvest Day by noticing the ice cream sign for the cafe, then noticing the massive great threshing machine outside. A team of people were making bales of hay, feeding straw into one end of an amazing huge machine with lots of pulleys.

Ice cream came first, it was very nice Marshfield, the tea was served in willow pattern china which I always appreciate, then we noticed that it was free admission. Yippee!

Downstairs was a lady making corn dollies, and she taught me how to join straw so you can make bigger things. We both made carrots, we didn’t really aim to make carrots but they turned out that way. I’m happy.


Photos by ten year old.

In the kitchen room (where there is a patchwork curtain!) there was going to be a baking on a range demo, but we missed that because we went upstairs. T made a really cool tree out of a paper bag then spent 2 hours on an Inkle loom weaving while I helped and talked to some really lovely people about crafts and history. They sell the looms for £18 which is such a total bargain I am now kicking myself, but I have their email address so I can see if they are in Bristol ever.

We had so much fun we missed lunch and didn’t notice.

You can see the reason this started and the rest of the days here – http://www.ragbaby.co.uk/1120-2/

And if you want to join in we have a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154085144775381/
Over on Crackbook a bunch of us are going to be working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence

The first exercises are to draw a self portrait, your hand and something else I can’t remember so you can see improvement. Then you move onto drawing a vase from a silhouette. You can see the vase exercise here – http://drawright.com/vaceface.htm.

The plan is to do an exercise every Sunday from the book.