30 days of creativity – Day 13 – Drawing things I can’t see properly

30 day creativity challenge Day  13, tired and stressed

It’s late, last night I was woken up by some arsehole fixing his fucking car outside my window at 2am, then by munters shouting in the street at 4. I’m not a happy bunny, I am knackered. I never shout at them in case the take it out on my windows, I just hope the arsehole runs the munters down and gets locked up for life.

Anyway. It’s nearly 10pm, the light isn’t great and I had a quick sketch of the Eudicella which are beetles that deserve a longer drawing because they are stunning. Then I started drawing the cats on top of the crap beetle drawings.


You can see Bug in the picture, she is almost impossible to draw as she is just smudges. I tried drawing her with squiggles but she started to chase the pencil on the paper. Then I managed a reasonable outline of Scumspawn before he came to lurk behind me on the sofa, so I tried drawing Bug again. She had her face smushed up against my leg, she doesn’t really look like a bulldog.

You can see the reason this started and the rest of the days here – http://www.ragbaby.co.uk/1120-2/

And if you want to join in we have a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/154085144775381/
Over on Crackbook a bunch of us are going to be working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence

The first exercises are to draw a self portrait, your hand and something else I can’t remember so you can see improvement. Then you move onto drawing a vase from a silhouette. You can see the vase exercise here – http://drawright.com/vaceface.htm.

The plan is to do an exercise every Sunday from the book.