Red and Leopard Rockabilly Quilt – for sofa slumping with style.

If, like me you enjoy curling up on the sofa and box set binginquilt_frame g you NEED one of these. Truly you do. This one is single bed sized; 106cm x 154cm which is exactly the right size to cover one sad and lonely person or 2 people who get on very well.

It’s perfect all year round, it has a warm fleece side and a cooler cotton side.

It’s mostly red, so if you spill your red wine on it, or bleed on it it won’t show up so much, also it’s machine washable and as it’s 100% cotton backed with fleece you can wash it on 40 degrees and it won’t mind one bit.

Amongst the red are leopard print, flame print, roses, orange, tribal, batik and plain purple and orange elements. Some of the fabric is new, some of the fabric is high quality vintage upcycled from old clothing.

It’s made from triangles and squares of different sizes.

And it’s on Folksy –

Or you can buy it through Rag Baby directly for £105 and not pay for postage because that is free.

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