Living Below the Line Paleo Style Day 2

Weight 10st 7.4lb

Breakfast – an egg with steamed nettles and a teaspoon of celery, leek, tomato, wild garlic fried up in coconut cream (the starter for todays meatballs). I also poured my kefir over it making it non paleo.

Lunch – 2 meatballs to snack on while I was cooking, mince and coconut stew – celery, a dessertspoon of mince, a lump of creamed coconut, some leek boiled up with some chard.  It’s a huge bowl and I’m not sure I’ll get through all of it.

MInced meat, coconut and greens stew
MInced meat, coconut and greens stew

I am much cheered by more foraged greens, including chard, and chicken bones for free from the butcher that are in the slow cooker making stock right now.

Dinner –  mashed sweet potato and meatballs. I’m going to mash some chard cooked in coconut cream into the potato.

I found an apple with a small bite out of it so I took it home, cut out the bit section, peeled it and grated it into todays meatballs. Yesterdays are now in the freezer for Friday.

Meatballs with foraged veg and apple, mashed sweet potato, chard in coconut cream
Meatballs with foraged veg and apple, mashed sweet potato, chard in coconut cream


Living Below the Line – No Grains/Paleo Day 1

Day 1;

Weight – 10 stone 8.8lbs

Mood – slightly anxious

Breakfast – one boiled egg

Lunch – meatballs and foraged greens, carrot and dandylion leaf salad

Dinner – pepper stuffed with mincemeat and foraged veg,  tiny portion of butternut squash oven chips.

Lots of lemon balm tea

I’m a bit worried about portioning out my rations. I have to get it right or I’ll have no food by Wednesday. I’m mostly worried about the mince, which I have never cooked with before and I am worried it will go off. The plan is to make patties from it, as many as possible, mixed with different foraged food. I can freeze some of them for the end of the week.

I’ve got lemon balm tea brewing and I’ve just drank my soya kefir. It’s easy to make, you just pour some milk over it, cover and put up high to keep the cats off and in the morning you have a yoghurty drink.  The kefir grains are not going to be very happy long term with soya milk though.

Breakfast is normally a couple of eggs with spinach or some other green stuff. Today it was just one egg since I discovered that the nettles I was going to have with it boil down to nothing.

While the egg was boiling I started the mix that is going to go with half the mince.

Paleo Foraged Greens and Mince Meatballs

  • Tablespoon of finely chopped celery
  • A whole small red capsicum and seeds
  • A few leaves of wild garlic, finely chopped
  • Boiled nettles with the water squeezed out and finely chopped.
  • Half a boiled and mashed sweet potato
  • Boiled and chopped garlic mustard (it’ stringy, I wished I chopped it before I  boiled it.)

Dry fry then add a 2cm x 2cm cube of creamed coconut to the pan.

When veg has softened a little take out, and put in a bowl with double the amount of creamed coconut and add a little water.

Add the sweet potato and garlic mustard and 250g mince meat.

Roll into balls and bake in a low to medium oven until done.

This is half my mince allowance and I have 14 meals left. Five of those can be egg so I need to make 9 portions out of the mince  in total – 4 or 5 out of this recipe.

This made 15 little meatballs with some leftover to stuff a pepper with tomorrow. I had them with dandylion leaves and carrot and leek cooked in coconut cream.

Foraged greens and mince paleo patties
Foraged greens and mince meat balls with carrots and leeks cooked in coconut cream on dandylion leaves.


At 4pm I’m hungry but not painfully so. I’m looking forward to dinner though.

Pepper stuffed with mince meat and foraged herbs. With Butternut squash oven cooked in coconut cream.
Pepper stuffed with mince meat and foraged herbs. With Butternut squash oven cooked in coconut cream.