Every Record I Own – I is for The Incredible String Band – Liquid Acrobat

Incredible String Band, The ‎– Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air

isb ISB played a lot at home when I was young, but not this album as much as the others which I don’t yet own. My favorite is Changing Horses and it’s on my list to get. I would have liberated it from my parents but my little sister got there before me. Curses!

This album came a few years after the story of a magical childhood that is Changing Horses, it’s got influences from all over the world, with sitar, guitar, rock, folk songs, Caribbean salsa, reels and jigs all mixed up together. I love Licorice’s voice. I think she might be the reason (bad choice of word) my mother originally wanted to call me Lettuce. Fucking hippies.  Licorice was last heard of at a Scientology benefit gig (fucking Scientologists) and seems to have vanished.

I saw the String Band about 15 years ago at some folk festival. Robin Williamsons wife was singing. Love is clearly deaf, she was awful, people left the gig and complained in that nice middle class way that ex fucking hippies complain.

This album is a gatefold, with lyrics on the inside. The poetry is really rather gorgeous. This is Tree:


I had a tree
in the dream hills where my childhood lay
and I’d go there in the wide long days
and my tree would listen to all that I’d say
and the sun was shining brightly and the sky was smiling

then one day when the world had put me in its tomb
and my life was just an empty room
I went to my tree and I sat there in my gloom
and the light was fading dimly and the sky was crying

then my tree bent its branches low down to the ground
and its green leaves shrouded up my mind
and I left the world somewhere behind
and I didn’t not know what I would find
and the sun was shining brightly and the sky was smiling

Island Records ‎– ILPS 9172
Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
  • Talking Of The End 5:31
  • Dear Old Battlefield 3:08
  • Cosmic Boy 3:51
  • Worlds They Rise And Fall 3:28
  • Evolution Rag 4:44
  • Painted Chariot 3:45
  • Adam And Eve 2:33
  • Red Hair 2:10
  • Here Till Here Is There 3:07
  • Tree 3:00
  • Jigs & Reels 2:44
    • Eyes Like Leaves
    • Sunday Is My Wedding Day
    • Drops Of Whiskey
    • Grumbling Old Men
  • Darling Belle 10:54