Inspirations – J is for Janes Addiction

More specifially for Ritual De Lo Habitual by Janes Addiction which is one of the best albums in the world ever. Side one (because of course I have it on vinyl, and on cd, and on tape and as an MP3, not that I am nerdy about it or anything). Side one is punchy and rocky, ending with the most wonderful ‘Been caught stealing’ which played on Australian MTV on a loop when I was there. Side 2 is moody and introspective. Proper maudlin stuff about suicide and pain.  My favorite track on this album is Three Days, a soundbite from which; “Erotic Jesus lays with his Marys. Loves his Marys. Bits of puzzle, Fitting each other. All now with wings!. ” was my ringtone for sometime.


Inspirations – T is for Taxidermy

2headcat tThere is something totally grim but totally compelling about stuffed animals.

I have one of my own. A duck who’s head is falling off. I saw him at my son’s school and happened to mention how handsome he was to one of the teachers, who told me to take him away because he was freaking everyone out. He lives on my piano now and he is called Nick. Only people of a certain age get the joke.

These pictures are from the very odd museum of freaks at Wookey Hole in Somerset. You can just about make out the two heads on the cat and the sheep.

If you ever get a chance to go to Boscastle there is a witches museum that has a 2 headed pig in a jar. I really want a 2 headed pig in a jar. It would go next to the eyeballs on my kitchen shelves.


Inspirations – M is for Mary and Max

m Mary and Max is a claymation film I was given for my last birthday. The friend who gave it to me said she wants to give it to all her friends and that’s just how I feel.

It’s about an 8 year old Australian girl and her American pen pal who finds the world very confusing. He is Autistic, she has an alcoholic mother and they become each other’s only friends for a while.

It is not a childrens film. It has everything a good film should have; sex, nudity, gore, swearing, drugs, alcohol and all the way through runs this terrible feeling that something awful is about to happen.

Really, just watch it. Your life will be enriched. Trust me!