Mine all mine – Rebejoo jewellery


This scrunched up bit of recycled metal pendant from Rebejoo is mine all mine, and I love it. The middle bit is loose so I can fidget with it, it’s delicate and clumsy all at the same time, a bit like me. It’s made by a bloke called Dave in Southampton who uses bits of everything to make new things. He calls it “Alternative, industrial, cyber/goth and steampunk” but because every piece is totally unique it’s impossible to categorise. I think he is led in his design by the fates and what he feels like that day. It’s called ‘Rebejoo’ because it’s ‘recycled’ & ‘bijou” though some of his stuff is pretty chunky.

If anyone wanted to buy me a present, because I am worth it/sad/happy/ugly/gorgeous/stinky/lovely/horrible etc…. whatever reason, they might consider this one which is a total bargain for £12 and has a little squashed person at the bottom of it.


You can see more of Rebejoo and stock up for Xmas before his very reasonable prices go up (which they really should) here – https://www.facebook.com/Rebejoo and you can get more background information about Dave on his blog – rebejoo.blogspot.co.uk

I only give good reviews for things I like, I’ve not been bribed to write this and I don’t bullshit, Rebejoo is good.