Pin up of the day – Full Throttle Axolotl


This is Full Throttle, she is an Axolotl. A Mexican walking fish.

She spends most of the day glaring at me as I work, willing me to go into the garden and dig up a worm for her.

She is about 7 inches long and a teenager in our years, 2 years I think in real time. I have another but he is having a sulky stay in his room period at the moment, he didn’t ask to be born (slams door).

They are pretty mad creatures, they can grow back most of their bodies if they get damaged, including their brains and hearts (I am reliably told this by a 10 year old and I have not cross referenced). I’m pretty sure that if I add iodine to the water in their tank they will morph into salamanders which live above the water. The morphing is a pretty painful process I’ve read though, and it shortens their 20 year life expectancy so unless they really piss me off I won’t be adding iodine any time soon.