The Ghoulies at the Stag and Hounds April 14th 2013

The Ghoulies at the Stag and Hounds

The Stag and Hounds is one of my favorite venues. It’s a crumbling pile of a pub with wobbly floors, chandeliers, a real stags head with a manky ear, nice beer and very often lots of new bands.

Last night, denied the death metal gig we thought was on elsewhere we stumbled upstairs at the Stag to find the Ghoulies playing.  Any lead singer who starts a song with ‘Here’s one for all you ladies out there tonight…..DIE!’ gets my vote, I’m immediatly very impressed. There is a whole load of big beard action going on, a drummer who almost levitates and screaming teenage angsty vocals with fantastic dirty hypnotic guitars. They describe themselves as ‘Hammer House Rock’  and to make it you mix even amounts of  60’s surf sound, some really clever bass riffs, the Munsters, early Dr Who sound effects and some booming Beefheart. Bake upstairs in a falling down pub for half an hour and you have the Ghoulies. Fab, just fab.