What is a RagBaby?



A Rag Baby is a small soft doll made of beautiful hand chosen recycled fabric and stuffed with natural organic sheeps wool or kapok.

A Rag Baby is perfect for tiny hands to grab from birth upwards.

The body is floppy and cuddly, the head is soft and squishy and the knots and ribbon around the neck are perfect for new hands to discover.

The knots on the hat and hands are perfect for teething babies to chew and you can put your Rag Baby in the fridge to make it extra soothing.

Each Rag Baby is handmade with love to a traditional Eastern European doll pattern.

The material I use comes from charity shops or old clothes that I have collected over the years. It is washed in eco friendly non bio washing powder before being made into Rag Baby dolls. Each Rag Baby is made individually in my home in Bristol so it is very unlikely you will find two with the same mixtures of patterns and fabrics.

I use natural materials as much as possible – cotton, linen, silk and viscose, all natural choices with different properties and feelings and the dolls that are stuffed with kapok and not made with silk are suitable for vegans. Sheep wool retains the child’s body warmth and smell and is naturally antibacterial.

Each Rag Baby is one of a kind and measures about 9 inches from point of hat to tail. Rag Baby dolls have no facial features so the child is free to imagine the mood and character of the doll.

“A hand-crafted doll is one of a kind, an individual which carries the spirit of the maker in its stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child who loves it. “